Is my relationship going to last? Does he like me?

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 8 months. We're both 14 but he's about to be 15. But anyways he doesn't talk to me in public. We go to school but we're in different grades. He's in the one above me. Well anyways I go over and sit by him at lunch when I'm not aloud to and he doesn't talk to me. I've been in trouble 3 times and sent to the office once. I try to hug him sometimes and sometimes he'll hug back but later says it was awkward. It hurts me a lot to hear that. But we'll go to the movies and stuff but we have to sit at the very back and he will start to touch me but only once he's touched me there and I told him not to any more. And he just doesn't seem into our relationship anymore. Like he isn't as sweet as he use to be and he gets annoyed at me very easily. Do you think we'll last long? I really do love him but it doesn't seem like he loves me. I don't feel safe with him either. And as of lately I'm actually scared of him. i know he'd never hurt me. what should I do? Relationships shouldn't be this complicated at the age of 14!!


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  • You are 25-29

    • I said that on my profile because I didn't know if there was an age restriction

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  • I am sorry to break it to hun, but it is going to last. I am sorry. 😞
    Try and find out why he is being so distant. There has to be a reason. Try to think.


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  • No, break up with him. Find someonw who isn't embarassed to be around you in public or private. Someone who will show you that he loves you and cares about you. You're still very young so it shouldn't be any trouble but just enjoy your life- boys will always be around.

  • I'd you feel like that, you should really break up with him.
    Don't seddle for a guy who don't want to be seen with you and won't treat you well.

    • I'm thinking he really don't treat me right. But I love him. I think we'll be able to get past this but I don't know anymore. He texts me a lot and stuff but in public it's like he don't even know me. But I love him. It's just hard to leave him.

    • Then I suggest you ask him why he doesn't want you to be seen with him.
      And the consider if that is something you can accept.

      Though I would really say that you should respect yourself some more and don't be with a guy who don't seem to like you as much as you do. If he did, he would be proud to be seen with you.

      Just be careful he doesn't pressure you into something you don't want to do.