Lost a girl's phone number a long time ago. Is it weird that I miss her?

I was a volunteer and met this girl and we basically hanged out the whole time. I liked her and she really liked me too. Last I saw her I dropped her off at a small shopping center a block away from her apartment. She gave me her number and she told me she was free all week and I said I'll call her the next day.

The next day I was about to call her. Back then I had a non smartphone without all those contact backup programs. I looked at my phone and it said "Format Completed". If you;re wondering, that phone doesn't require a code or anything to reformat. Everything was gone along with her number and text messages and call logs.

Now how do you contact someone when this happens? As for where we volunteered, she doesn't go there anymore and nobody had her number. I walked past her apartment complex and it looked like a maze. She did tell me she always eat at the take out place in that shopping center. So, on and off for close to a month I'll eat there during the afternoon or evening. I was hopping I'll bump into her inside the place. I think it would be a lot better than lingering near her apartment. I never saw her.

I did decided to eat there after a job interview and I think somebody was looking at me from the corner of my eye. It might had been her but I wasn't sure. I went back outside and whoever that person was wasn't there.

I gave up and moved on. The problem was every girl afterwards was kind of crazy. I now work not too far from her and that shopping center. I've been thinking about her a lot especially since my new job is a few blocks away. She probably thought I was a jerk for not calling her and wasn't interested. But I really was interested I just didn't know how to contact her.

Is it weird that I am thinking about her now? She might not even remember me. If I do see her what would I even say? When I think about her it makes me upset because I met this really cool girl that I really like and lost her number.


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  • No I don't think it is weird. I was in a volunteering mission back then and there was this one cute cute gave me his number and we communicated with each other after the mission ended. But, things had changed after national exams results were out (we are same in age) I was unable to contact him anymore and I thought that he had changed his number. He was also not active on Facebook and Instagram. But I did knew where he was pursuing his study because I had my ex-schoolmate who studied the same place as him. How about gathering some information about her from your mutual friends, who knows if one of them knew her.


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  • It's not weird. She made an impression on you and its hard to let that go. But I am a big believer that whoever is meant to be in your life, will gravitate towards you, regardless of how far they wander. So just do you and when it comes to a point where you both run into each other, just explain the truth. She may or may not believe you but at least she knows that your intentions were true.

  • Whenever something like this is Continuously Eating you up here, dear, it's Usually a Sign... You will end up Bumping into her Again, my Friend.
    I believe in Fate and if this is Eating you Alive Inside, Keep going Back until you finally Hit it One day, that you Bump into Her at Her... Favorite Hot Spot.
    Don't give up. You may put on a bit of Weight in the Progress, but it just Might be Worth it Where she Ends up to be Number One, hun.
    Good luck. xx

  • I feel like if you saw her and explained what happened then she would completely forgive you. I'm assuming you know her name. Did you happen to look her up on social media? If you miss her, then why not try to get back in touch, especially if you are still thinking about her. It is not weird, I just don't think you should give up.

    • Just her first name. I'm not sure how it's spelled. I think it's Rian. I misheard her the first time and thought she said "rain". Just twitter but I don't know the username.

    • Have you tried to talk to her on twitter? Sorry if you actually can't do that... I don't know much about twitter but I'm assuming you could try and reconnect if you wanted to...

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