When he goes silent?

so i have been messaging a guy off a dating site
he always initated the messages. good morning good night messages always happened we both were really into it ans both wanted the same things

we were meant to meet on the weekend but he fell sick i said to get better and we can make it another day he said je wanted to try to get better and would message me later


i checked into see how he is however the message has been left unread well sent on Kik and its been 2 days...

i am at a loss
is he ghosting me or could there be genuine reasons


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What Guys Said 1

  • I mean... there could be genuine reasons. A meteor could have thunked him in the head and put him in a coma.

    But the most likely reason is that he's ghosting you. Sorry hun. He's probably got some other shit going on in his life that's keeping him from following through (i. e. another girl).

    • yeah the messages aren't even opened. he hasn't been online he was on bed sick he just appeared so keen and was so genuine. im not needy i am tge first to flick them when they do this. but i am actually genuinelly worried As its too pit of character

What Girls Said 1

  • It's a bit too Soon to Jump the gun, hun, and Being you Both seem to have Begun a nice Beguine of Open Lines of Convo... He fell sick.
    Give him time, he May have Gotten worse with Being sick, @littlemj1987. Don't shoot yourself in the Foot by Assuming something is Off with him, wait until he Contacts you.
    I am not Totally seeing Red flags with Certain Signs of no Online Monkey Business. However, if you don't Hear from Him in more than a week or More, Consider Casper a Ghost of the Past by then.
    Good luck. xx