Fellow men why do you stop texting a girl you had been constantly texting for weeks?

I need to know whether my reasons are the same as the rest of our gender 😂


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  • Probably because he's lost interest but can't be bothered to be honest with her about it. So he just ghosts on her.

    • I've not actually ghosted I reply almost immediately upon seeing her text

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    • I've stopped initiating it but it's only been like a week

    • I don't think it matters who starts the conversation. You're answering so you're still interested. I guess you got bored of starting the comvos.

  • Why don't you tell us what the reason is?

    • I'm actually confused I kinda liked her when I first started talking
      Give me your opinion I'd love to hear it :)

    • I actually feel like if you loose interest in the girl, let her know instead of ghosting her. Honesty is the best. but guess it is loosing interest in the other person.
      It just sucks being ignored after constantly texting and you don't even know why because the other person doesn't really bother to be honest.

What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe something she said or something came up like an emergency or you're just bored of her

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