Is it just me or is this really something to worry about?

My boyfriend and I went on a break and he told me to explore my options and date other guys. I ended up dating this really amazing guy and e told me to choose even tho, he's the one that said I should date other people so I chose him and now he's saying him and I aren't together. So I chose him for what? I want to ask him about it but I'm to scared about the answer. Any advice?


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  • Just have sex with both of them, we're all gunna die anyway

    • Haha as much fun as that sounds like, on lives in Edmonton and I don'tšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  • Sounds to me like it annoyed him that you found someone better. He played you, managed to get you back, to give it up and now he's decided he's not interested.