Should I be offended by guy im dating comments on my hair?

We been on 2 dates. On the first date, I wore my wash n go. On the second I had a high bun and my edges were stubborn and only partially laid... and he comments "its nice to see natural texture of your hair instead of the curls" I told him my hair curls on its on with water, but I dont think he believed me. Then he meets my mom and says he loves her hair, she must me mixed with something else. I already told him My mom is native American (we are registered to a tribe ) but it possible another race mixed in with the past? So I consider myself black and native American because my father side. Anyway, is it worth it to explain there are many hair textures, and ALL of them are good, and not all black people, mixed or otherwise, have 4c afros?


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  • It is pretty silly that he is acting like he knows more about your hair then you do... it's your body, you are the expert. You can definitely try to explain to him that there are different hair textures and they're all okay. He might just be honestly ignorant, so you can teach him that black people don't necessarily all have 4c afros, but if he still seems to have an attitude with you then I don't think he's worth the effort.

    • So we were playing would you rather and he says "Beard or no beard" So I answered and said "Curly hair or straight hair" He says "Both" I slide in "I rarely straighten my hair" He replies "But you curl it" . I say no, it curls on its own and he says "Sure" as if I'm lying or he is in disbelief. It definitely not worth anymore effort.

    • ugh wow. if he doesn't believe that your hair is naturally that way, then it doesn't sound like the relationship would have any amount of trust lol. Moving on!

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