Is it wrong for me to do this?

This guy and me haven't made anything official and so I've talked to other guys online and i asked if he's talking to any girls online and he said he deleted it and that he doesn't use it anymore. He also said something like whats the point of talking to the guys. Is it wrong for me to talk to other guys if we haven't made anything official/ made a move towards whatever me and him are?


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  • Find out if he wants to make it official. Might as well be clear about this stuff, before you do something to mess it up because of lack of communication.

    Unless you don't want it to be... then you should still let him know, so he knows where he stands.

    • I've asked him before and he said he doesn't know what he wants and that he got out of a relationship a few months ago. He said he was down for whatever and recently he said with that we were talking about that he's helping a friend but i feel like we are more than that because he said some things that was more friendly in my opinion.

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    • Thats what im thinking when we meet and its moving forward then i will delete the apps. I just dont want to get on his bad side again

    • Eh, I don't see it as a big deal. It's not something I would want to be told about.

      "Hey, I'm talking to several other guys too" <--- I'd assume, but wouldn't want it rubbed in my face.

      But if he gets really upset about something so small later. Then maybe he isn't worth your time anyways.

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  • I think if you're getting really close and leading him to believe something is going to happen between you, it would be a little unfair on him. However, if when you say you're talking to guys, it's just a friendly thing (not dating) then I don't see the problem - you're entitled to talk to whoever you please.

    • I get that but me and him have been talking for a month and I've asked him a few times if he wants to meet and he was hesitant. Granted we had an argument so ill give him that but i think before he was still hesitant

  • Well I am doing the same so not sure if it's right or wrong. If he want something with me he better put a title.

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