Show a guy friend you want something more?

How can I show a guy friend I want something more without actually saying it, or making a fool of myself.


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  • Do you think he's interested also? If so, just make it obvious. If you're sitting by him maybe lean against him and put your head on his shoulder or maybe just find ways to touch his arm or some hints like that. I think that's fairly obvious but we're pretty bad at taking hints, and maybe even if he has an idea that you like him he may not do anything because your "friends". Honestly the option that probably would work the best is just flat out tell him you like him. Do it because if you don't and he ends up with someone else then your stuck as his friend and will have to watch him be with another girl, that is if she'd even let him hang with another girl. You just have to go for it, if you have feelings for him and you're with him all the time but don't do anything it will just become more frustrating. Even if he says no, at least you won't have regrets of not trying.

    • I feel there is something there but as we have a great friendship, I guess I am worried about spoiling it.

    • Its a risk you may have to take. If it works out, great! If not at least you know you tried. Sure you may end up losing friend but I'm sure you have others and if it does work out he'll be your best friend AND partner which is even better. I know how you feel, I was friends for a while with this girl I dated. After awhile she left me and we haven't talked since. There's times I wish I could just go hang with her and talk with her, but I had feelings for her too and I'm glad we had a relationship. I don't regret it at all but I do look back sometimes and wish we were still together either as friends or more. It just comes down to what you want more, do yo want him as a friend? Or do you want him as a boyfriend/potential future husband?

    • Thanks for MHO! Did you decide to tell him how you feel?

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  • Start the discussion with marriage say something like I've always wanted to be someone I'm comfortable with someone I'm as close to as I'm with you , you know? I like how you get me how you can read my mind at times how I can crack sexual jokes without seeming slutty with you. This is the kind of relationship I want with a guy.
    This will plant the idea in his head kind of like inception ;)


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  • ... Guys aren't great at taking hints. So make it really obvious

    Example of a good hint:
    "Gosh, I hate taking a shower by myself... I wish someone in this room would take one with me"

    • I worry about being that full on, if he doesn't like me the same way it would be disastrous as we are good friend.

  • If you're good friends with the guy Im sure at somepoint he's thought about you in a romantic manner. But guys definitly don't pick up on hints, I know Im terrible at it. Just invite him over and watch a movie that gives you an excuse to be really close to him. And from there... see where the night goes.

  • Text him at midnights

    • He texts me and asks to meet up, but when we do nothing happens. We just linger and I am getting impatient.

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    • No unfortunately not, it's usually lunch dates or generally hanging out.

    • Give him a gift, something thoughtful and not random.

      For example, I once gave a girl a doraemon teddy on her bday because I know she watches doraemon because she told me. So it was thoughtful and special.

      You get my point ;p

      -- OR --

      Like all of his instagram or facebook pictures :p Although he will know you were stalking :p lmao

  • If you are friends you can actually tell him. Go for a walk, and sit down on a bench and have a little discussion. Guy DO NOT pick up on hints, even when they are obviou. So ask him how he would feel about dating you? And say, if we can't can we still be friends? A guy would love to know that a girl likes him

    • Especially if he is shy. How long have you known him? And what sorts of things do you do together?

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    • We have lots of similar interests which is why I think we get on so well.

    • Well the worst thing I think you can do is not say anything, and the second worst is to play games or ry not to be obvious about it. Be direct, you know you like him don't try to protect yourself, just go for it.

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