Why has the guy stopped texting me?

Long story short met online have been talking for 3 months he texted very frequently but isn't much of a texter now it's been two weeks he has stopped texting me frequently and doesn't care to carry on conversations , could this be a mind game?

Showed too much interest two weeks ago


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  • Could be he's bored.

    • And what makes guys bored? He seemed to be into me two weeks back :o

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    • 500 kms and he only comes home on vacations

    • Well, they say long distance relationships are hard. I think it would be good to go see him if you both want. But 500km is quite a trip that would take some planning.

      Guess you have to decide if it's worth it, and then talk to him to see what he thinks.

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  • He probably lost interested and/or he's talking to another chick.