Is it safe to say I'll probably never talk to him ever again?

We were dating for around 2 years but he never wanted to make it more serious as I did.

We didn't part on bad terms, I decided to take a break from being his friend as it was tough on me. I didn't tell him this, I just became more distant.

We haven't talked for over 3 months. No contact whatsoever. I sure do miss him. I'd like to be his friend again (I might just need a little more time away first though) but wonder if those 2 years didn't mean anything to him and if I'll ever talk to him again

i know it's not an easy question to answer as you don't personally know him or myself. Just curious on your thoughts.


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  • Let Sleeping dogs Lie here, dear. You knew from the Start that You had Wantd More than he Did out of this '2 years,' and I feel You would be Barking Up the Wrong Tree if you Got in Touch With... Thee.
    He has probably Moved on Now Somehow, and perhaps in your Mind with Taking this 'Break,' it was not Totally even a Breakup, at least on your own End, and you Never found Closure, which is Why you still Cannot get Him out of your mind.
    I see a Full Circle Problem Patten here, dear, should you Both get Togther as even friends. When it Involves your Own Heart from the Start, this Time... Parting might be Sweet Sorrow Tomorrow.
    Good luck. xx


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  • After a breakup, most guys move on and really don't care if they ever see or communicate again. Guys don't put any sentimental value in old relationships.

    • I see a lot of men pining after old relationships. They just be in the minority then?

      Why is this? Why wouldn't you miss someone you had a great time with and there was no drama?

    • Well, i move on to a new relationship and build that up. If something failed, then something went wrong, which makes considering the past pointless.

    • You are fortunate that you're able to move on easily. That is not something everyone can do.

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  • Yeah it is