Any bad timing / missed my chance with great person stories? Has it happened to you? Did you get another chance?


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  • Yeah. This girl I was dating switched to another guy. I had my tranquilizer ready, I shog and I missed. FUCK. I'll never get another chance like that again, had the perfect angle and everything.


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  • Yeah, got to know this guy that I matched with on every level possible, like; hobbies, opinions, movie and music taste (we loved the same artists), we both love all the same things really and we are both depressed and had gone through rough things in life so we could talk for hours and hours. Though when we met he wasn't ready for a relationship right then but he reallyreally liked me. He always told me how beautiful I was and what a good person I am. We kept talking every day for several months until I wanted more out of it (I wanted to hang out more, and he didn't because he knew that he would catch deeper feelings). I got clingy and basically ruined everything. We got a bit irritated with each other but still talked every day. Then I really fucked it all up and after talking every darn day for about 5 months we kinda "broke up". Ruined me since he was the first guy ever to even recognize my being you know haha.
    A month went by and I just really missed him, guess he wasn't that easy to quit cold turkey haha. I think he is giving me a second chance now. We don't text every day like before but that's bc I realized that I needed my own space so that I don't get to caught up in everything. But when we do text, we do that until one of us falls asleep so that we have to break it. So it's not like anyone disses the other. But yeah, that's my story and yeah I got myself a second chance I guess. Now we'll just wait and see how this goes..


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  • Yes. No.

  • Yes, it has happened, however I'd rather not share the story.
    No, I did not get another chance.

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