Why do they only hit on me? Help?

Let's just put this out there, I am not a racist person, I just wanna know why only African American boys (dark skins, light skins) hit on me. I'm 5"0ft, I weigh 269lbs (yes I am fat not judgment here please) I'm 15 years old. I'm mixed with Mexican, white, and native American. I will admit, I have a big butt and I wear a 40 DDD in a bra size. Plus I'm always wearing leggings because we have no AC at my school and whenever I wear jeans when its hot I get chub rub which hurts super bad! but are they only attracted to my butt and boobs? cause a bunch of the ghetto black girls, also known and the "populars" because they think they're cute, and they think they're the shit cause they always have new Jordan's on, but I've been told by the girls that I'm ugly, plus I have a 2½ month old baby girl. (yes, I'm a teen mommy, no judgment either plz) I just wanna know why.
(I'm from Chicago) I have a boyfriend of 2 years, also the dad of my daughter, the guys know I have a boyfriend but they still hit on me when he isn't around.. I need help! I wanna know why!!!


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  • I'm not sure whether or not to take this seriously lol.

    • it sounds silly but its serious lol

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    • I don't care I just wanna know why because I never talk to them and now all the ghetto girls said they're gonna try to jump me.. smh

    • Well I'd guess you probably have the size advantage if they do so you'll be fine

  • Why do you hate black guys to begin with? I have dated an educated one before?

    • I dont hate them.

    • I have a bunch of mixed and black friends, I just hate the GHETTO GIRLS who think they're the shit because they're in "gangs" and they always have new Jordan's on

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  • Babe, you're 15. Please grow up!
    You have a baby to take care of now. Stop concerning yourself with boys and start concerning your life around your baby girl. Geezus! Take care x

    • I've been taking care of her, its just has me wondering why because everyone else calls me ugly and shit so idk?

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    • Do you talk to the boys?

    • only if they tell me a compliment or if I'm crying they'd ask me if I was okay

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