What's going on with our relationship?

Ok so my fiance and I obviously love each other.. But things have been a bit rocky, Such as our sex life. We used to do that every night but now it's to where it only happens 3 times a night if we're lucky.. He has even been a little off too. Like, he invited menti hang with a friend of his, named Leah, well I asked him if we could do anything and he got mad and then little later he said sorry I asked you to come hang out with Leah. Things have been like this for about 2 weeks now. Within the last 3 days we have done it 3 times.

Anyone have ideas to this?

So we talked about this and he said there's not the right time. Since we either sleep downstairs at his place or in the same room as everyone else in my house (since my a. c. is broken and expensive to fix), it has been hard for us to initiate the acts. I did tell him that he could let me know he Want a to and we go find somewhere to do it.

Thanks for the help


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  • 3 times within 3 days... jeeeeeeeeeez. Calm down, will you? it's normal amount and it is normal for sex habits to change in a relationship. Seriously? you're 24, chill.

    • He wanted to ask me the same question I asked him the other night.. Why haven't we been doing it much lately.

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  • 3 times a night and you're complaining?

    • It used to be every single night sometimes more than once in one day..

  • He is losing interest

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