Should I give up?

For about 6 months i have told this girl i have feelings for her, and we have just been dating i guess and just about a month ago i asked her if she saw us going anywhere and she said she just wants to go with the flow, she had just gotten out of a relationship and haven't been single in 5 years she said she doesn't want anything and isn't looking. I understood her point of view cause we have all been there. We have kept talking going with the flow still kissing and hanging out a couple days out of the week, and yes we have had sex. Should i give up or should i tell her my true feelings that i have been holding back and give it one more shot?


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  • she told you already- go with the flow! why the hell are you overanalysing?

    • so you're pretty much saying to just go with the flow still and see where it goes. My problem is i overthink everything

    • Not doing so is a skill worth gaining. Take it from a person in a committed relationship who's been screwed before and is taking EVERYTHING as the end of the world. It's a skill you need to have if you want a healthy relationship.

  • If you think its not working out..


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