How do I know if she likes me?

This girl who I've gone out with a couple of times with friends seems pretty nice. She asked me one time what are my goals in life. She listened to what I had to say and seemed pleased with my answers. The last time she seen me was at a weekend convention. The first day I was walking past her and she was talking to 2 other people in a group. She seemed preoccupied with talking to them so I kept walking. When I looked at her eyes were focused on me, staring and started smiling and waving. The next day I was walking and she tapped me on the shoulder I turned around and she started again waving and smiling. I gave her a hug and started talking. I said we should hang out some time and she said definitely. A girl recently did a lot more than this for months, I asked her out and she turn me down. I have my guard up against females and do not want to be hurt again. I do not open my emotions a lot with women.


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  • You need to spend more time around her in order to be sure. Anyway right now judging by what you said, her intentions seem friendly.

    • Yeah that is what I pick up. I don't want to start liking her too fast. Last chick I did that with turn me down and it wasn't the greatest feeling. She acted like she was interested for months. Really hurt my confidence and self of esteem. Now I have this wall up with females. But I want to find someone special to be with in my life.

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  • It's hard to tell sometimes. I had this girl show interest once and I kept seeing her staring etc. But she turned me down when I asked her out. She could just be a really friendly girl. Just go with the flow and see how things go. Maybe if you both hang out one on one you might get an idea of how she really feels

    • Yeah I just had that experience with the last girl who was VERY FLIRTY with me for past few months. Very touchy talking about my abs how she could feel them when hugging me etc. I asked her out and she was completely opposite in her attitude. It kind of piss me off she was playing games.

    • Just spend a bit of time with this girl and don't rush it. You should get to know her intentions in time

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