Im getting scared, Is she in love with me?

- There is this super gorgeous girl in my class, every guy wants her.
- She gives me signs that she likes me , i havnt made a move till yet.
- Most girls, if the guy doesn't make the move, start looking for other guy , but this girl doesn't even talk to any other guy and still look at me and still tries to get my attention.
- Is this crush or love at first sight for her?

  • This is a crush.
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  • This is not a crush, this is love at first sight for her. 2 months is enough for a girl to lose interest in her crush if he doesn't make a move.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If your getting clear signals that she feels the same way, then you'll need to break the ice and make your move before she loses interest in you. You can't expect to start non verbally flirting with someone, mess about for years before you even decide that your interested in getting to know her better. I've had a shy guy do this to me before. He just carried on with the same old antics for 2 years before he decided that he wanted to talk to me. By that time I got fed up of his carry on and moved on. I don't take shy guys by the hand. If he was that serious about me, all he had to to was break the ice 3 years ago. If I liked him enough I would have asked him out on a date. . . shame. Don't leave it too late like that guy did with me.

    • You seem like a nice person who can help me really , here is the real situation,
      Our classes started 2 months ago, on 1st day she sat near me, the way she looked at me i knew she got attracted to me instantly.
      Then, after 1st day, she started to sit away from me, and then she gives me eye contact and all this stufff, as if she wants me to chase her.
      If she really liked me and wanted me to make a move, wouldn't she be near me so that i can make a move?

    • Maybe she's testing you, to see what your going to do next. She could very well want you to chase her so that she can gauge your interest better. I know how the chase works and its up to you if you wish to go through with it. Personally I don't like the chase or being chased. I just prefer a guy who is interested in me to at least talk to me sooner rather than later. The guy I talked about took the wrong approach and was about to act on it when it was too late. He used to follow me around, stare at me and stand next to me pretending to look busy. Rather than even attempt to talk to me. He lacked the balls to talk to me and waited on me to take him by the hand.

    • Thanks for mho

Most Helpful Guy

  • This is not a crush, this is love at first sight for her. 2 months is enough for a girl to lose interest in her crush if he doesn't make a move.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Dude instead of asking us go and fucking ask this girl out before she gets bored.

    • Do u think this is crush or love?

    • For now it must be just a crush, but if you pursue her it can lead to love. Now stop being a wuss.

What Guys Said 1

  • Why are you getting scared?

    • Becoz its first time, some hot chic is doing this to me.

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