How to deal with a guy who always initiates the conversations but only gives one word answers like hahas and okays?



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  • Ask open ended questions. Things that require open yet. And that can't be answered with a yes or no or smiley faces.

    • This is what I find extremely difficult to do what are open ended questions that won't make me Seem to desperate to talk to him

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    • What makes a girl seem desperate

    • It only appears desperate if you keep asking questions and no matter how hard you try he is blowing you off with short, curt answers. If that's the case and you know he's not just a very quiet shy person, it might be best to forget about him

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  • if you know that the boy likes you than try ignoring him for some time, he will come to you after some time

    • I do that he comes , but he isn't a texter

  • Don't answer him

    • But I like him😂

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  • Ask him questions that require a lot of thought.

    • Kindly give me examples 😁

    • Hmm okay. Ask him about politics, religion, science, his hobbies, his favourite foods, anything. Anything that cannot be answered with yes or no. There are way too many subjects to pick from,

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