Does he like me?

I'm a freshman in college and I recently met this guy (J) in one of my classes and he's super nice and friendly to everyone. I invited him to eat with me and my friend on Friday but he was already back in his dorm 20 min away but he walked all the way back. And He chose to sit with me and my friend even though he said his best friends were eating there. He always sits next to me too when we're in a group. He also invited me and my friend to his dorm bc I complained about how I much I missed eating rice and he has a rice cooker. He found out about my bday and he really wanted to celebrate it with me so he planned this whole dinner thing. And he always walks with me instead of together with my friend who ended up walking in front of us.

I was frustrated bc I got a question wrong in class and he leaned over my friend who sat in the middle of us and patted my leg and said it'll be okay. Then during lunch he gave me his headphones and made me listen to a song and I guess it looked like we were flirting bc a friend raised his eyebrow. He ended up walking me all the way to my class even into the building and asked if I was free last night but we did not end up hanging out for some reason...

I thought he liked another girl who he met before me because he hung out with her a lot. However last night my roomie went out to eat with her boyfriend and J joined them. My roomie asked J if he likes anyone and he said he does not. Then my roomie's boyfriend said "well I might as well go out with -insert my name- then." J proceeds to ask why everyone thinks that (but didn't deny it?)

I'm so confused, does he like me? He hasn't initiated contact today yet. I don't know what to do because i feel so awkward knowing that people think we're a thing now when he probably does not have feelings for me :(


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  • He has probably developed feelings for you, but he doesn't feel ready to talk about it to anyone.