She saw me talk to this other girl we both know and looked annoyed?

I've been trying to date this girl all summer but has been an ongoing problem between us as there was this other girl we both knew ( that I had tried to date in the past ) . and she was still around the bar and I had talked to her a few times , although she started dating another guy for a while and not really sure if that is still going or not.
I ran into both of them the other night , casually talked to them both and everything seemed fine. until later on I was talking to girl I knew from past and other girl happened to be nearby and saw and walked by all annoyed at me , I just saw the look in her eyes when she walked by as to how she felt about me talking to her. it was stuiped cause I was just asking the other girl what she was up to and if she had found a job yet since she graduated her college program she had took.

any thoughs on this? is it clear that there both interested in me? if they keep talking to me and getting jealous when I talk to other girls. its clear girl # 1 is jealous but does she actually like me or just annoyed I like the other girl


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  • Date whi ever you want


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