Should I just let him go?

I Need some help! So i met this guy online and we've been talking for like a month now just text messages and snapchat. And I kinda messed up by standing him up when we were supposed to meet. I didn't do it on purpose I had my reasons.. And now he asked me to delete his number and not speak to him. But I really really like him and I'm thinking about calling him to talk it out. Should I just let him be or should I call him?


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  • Let him be. If you really really liked him, you wouldn't have asked this question.

    • You don't know anything about the way I feel towards him. I'm asking bc I want to hear some opinions, in the end I will always go with my own feeling.!

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    • I feel like i should call him.. But i dont want to be acting crazy or something

    • There's nothing crazy about it. You did a mistake, you should call and explain why it happened. It's only logical.

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  • Without stating the reason you didn't turn up I can't comment however something so important to me I wouldn't have missed. Maybe he's been messed around before and has decided he won't tolerate it again. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do he either has no patience or just doesn't think it's a great start and won't bother again. Some people don't do second chances.

    • I had something important to do, he seems like a guy that has patience but for some reason he sounded really fed up :/

    • I'm sorry to hear that. He sounds very stubborn and that is a difficult thing to get past. What I would do in this situation is apologise profusely then say a date and time and something you can do together and say just think about it and let me know if you can give me a second chance. And how much you appreciate it and understand his frustration. Probably might need a little reassurance you are into him. Keep in touch let me know how U get on X

  • If I were in your shoes, I would ask myself, is it worth trying? If you genuinely forgot or something important came up and you want to explain your circumstance then do it, but if he really means nothing to you and you aren't seeking more then just a flirtatious guy to text let him go. Don't waste your time or his.

    • Yes, I've thought about this. He means more to me than just a flirtatious texting buddy. I like him a lot.