Has interest or none?

I met a guy online, we have been messaging for about a month, before we moved to skyping/texting. He always offers to Skype, but usually forgets, he is totally open to skyping. We spend hours talking and I cannot wait till the next time we talk. He lives in another city and I wanted to go visit him, but due to cost of plane tickets, I'm holding off, he was totally into me visiting, but now he wants me to wait till they drop in price. The thing that bothers me is his text response, he takes hours sometimes he apologizes, other times he doesn't. The good thing is if I don't text him goodnight/morning he does it. I hinted that I wanted to Skype again and how much I enjoyed talking to him. He told me he enjoys talking to me as well. When we vid chatted he talked about cooking for me and we talked about general stuff we liked and disliked in our partners. One day he even skyped me back after having to cut short due to hanging out w/friends. If he isn't a big texter, that doesn't bother me cause he was kind of doing it when we were messaging on the dating site. Does this show interest or no?


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  • He is interested. I guess you have to give it time and see what happens. Also when you visit him you can see if you guys click or not. a lot of guys are not big texters. That is good you and him skpe and talk.

    • The thing is we haven't skyped for almost a week, I don't know how to bring it up cause I don't know how open he is to it.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion. If you haven't skyped him for a week then bring it up again soon to see if he wants to Skype back with you. I hope he does.

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  • Yes, he sounds interested in you. He doesn't have to text you all the time to assume that he is into you.


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