Leave it be or explain myself?

So I've been talking to this guy for 6 months via text message and phone calls. We met online and we only seen each other once out of all those 6 months of talking. I came to the realization that it won't go any where and I feel like he's keeping his options open. And when we first met in person he seemed to be on his phone a lot talking to his "girlfriends" which I don't mind him having female friends but this is only time we met, you think he would try build a connection with me. He talks about kids and marriage in the near future and I'm not ready for that just yet. But since he went back home he hasn't really made time or the effort to text or call me and I know he's busy catching up with friends and family. But at the same time i feel like we're drifting and he's losing interest. Plus we live far away from each other. So I'm contemplating on just bailing and not speak to him because it's the only way I could get over him. So is it best to explain to him or just leave things unsaid?


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  • Yes if leaving is the only option for you then do it. When you saw him in person he should had stayed off his phone and showed you more attention and try to impress you more. I agree I think he is keeping his options open. He should be forming a stronger bond with you. When people change then it's time to move on.


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  • You should first attempt to explain things to him. If it won't work, then bail and never look back.