A thoughtful gift?

I like to be as mindful with my boyfriend as he is with me, and he has gotten me so many things. :) We are a serious relationship and do love each other very much.

Are flowers only a girl thing? Would a guy like flowers? Maybe just a single rose to say "I love you" ? Or is that lame?


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  • It honestly depends on the guy, I think... some guys would maybe not see flowers as that thoughtful if their mind's too busy bearing the thought that it's not quite a "masculine" gift. Dare I say, that it depends on how much the guy believes in his "masculinity"(?) I don't know.

    ... I'm not sure because I personally would find a gift like that very sweet. So it depends on him.

    • Thanks for your input. :) He does take pride in his "masculinity", which I think is silly! But at the same time he turns sweet and sensitive when he is just with me, and I THINK he would like it!

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  • If he likes video games, xbox.

  • Get him an Xbox. Or one of their new custom controller with colors of his favorite sports team if he already has the system. Guys usually like practical gifts that they can use more than something to just look at.

    • Novel idea. Super original suggestion

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    • @aynonOmouse I'm kidding, and hey, why not, it's a good gift.

    • @GoldMeddle At least I didn't suggest a PS4. lol Fanboy war on! lol
      I would also suggest the NES Classic for $60 out in November. It has some cool stuff on it.

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  • Typically speaking, guys do not like flowers. You can try baking him a cake or some cookies in order to show your gratitude.