Why won't this guy approach me?

There is this guy I see every so often and he checks me out subtley but never makes a move. It's been on going for a few months now and he always freezes when he sees me and grabs his phone and acts like he's busy on it and avoids eye contact. He has a car with blacked out windows and I was crossing the road one time and he revved his engine at me (WTH) so I ignored it cos I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do -but he thinks I don't know it was him in the car as I couldn't see through the dark Windows. Today I saw him and looked him in the eye directly, cos I am not sure if he knows I'm interested. I wanted to make it clearer so I looked at him and tried to smile but he looks shy and looks away. We were both around this area of cafes and restaurants I always see him at but (it's hard to explain but he always goes to an exclusive bar and I can never get in and I always see him at the door and he kind of watches and then I leave cos I give up trying after waiting for a while). Today for he first time he went to a restaurant instead which is just low key and sat outside with his friends. I walk that way and my friend said she thinks he sat there cos it would be easier for me to get to him, cos I can never get into the bar. As in so we have a chance to maybe meet or talk there. Anyway I didn't go to the restaurant cos I lost my nerve, I felt too shy and after some time he got up and went to his usual bar. So do you guys think that's true, or it doesn't mean anything? He never shows me anything he's so poker faced. He's always in a big group of friends but my friends DO catch him looking. I know he's a Scorpio I don't know if that means anything but I hope he's not just analysing me!


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  • If he's doing all that because he's shy.. You have to be the one initiate all the moves.
    He doesn't talk to you at all? I mean the way it sounds, he really sounds like a lot of work.. Just try to talk to him he still avoids you acting shy.. it's going to be a real pain ass lol
    I personally think if a guy is really interested in you he will do anything to talk to you whether he's shy/not shy. He can't be that mad serious shy after all. and if he is, you don't want to be with a guy like that...