Did he lose interest?

So I met a guy through the web not too long ago... maybe 3 weeks ago. He and I talked every night and would call each other on Skype when we could. We were both honest about how we liked each other and he seemed very caring and nice. A few nights ago we called each other on Skype for probably 30 minutes and at the end he said "I love you we'll talk tomorrow" and he hasn't spoken to me since. It's been a few days. The issue is that I can see he's online on Skype and I've sent him only 2 messages. Of course Skype took away that feature to see if someone has read a message. However if he's on I'm pretty sure he's seen it. I'm kinda worried. Given he may just want some space (we were talking a lot) he is also some guy I met online. I'm kinda known to worry myself over nothing however the fact that he's been online and just decides to ignore my messages makes me wonder if something has happened. It's kind of odd? I'm mostly wondering what y'all think the cause may be? And yes, I've thought of the worst case scenario and I'm still thinking about how that could be it. But again, I'm known to think the worst. I mostly just don't wanna be dropped, if he wants to cut off contact I would like to know rather than be ignored and have me wonder what happened.


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  • I'm definitely no expert. but i think you should give it a few more days. Push it to the back of your mind and try not to think about it too much. I understand how hard that can be, I'm dealing with a similar situation. If he doesn't reply by the end of the week tell him how you feel about being ignored.

  • If you guys have been talking non stop then its probably best to give it a rest. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!
    If he doesn't message you in a month then you know your answer. If he messages you after that I wouldn't bother with him

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