Girls, What car do I drive on first dates?

I own three vehicles. A 20yr old truck with dings, rust and no radio used for my side business, a 10 yr old economy car with squeaks, rattles, stains used for daily driving, and an exotic car that is my immaculate baby used for weekends. I purchased it used for $90k as my dream car.

But I am recently single now and dating again in a wealthy area of town.

What car should I drive to first dates?
What impression does it give?
Should I get another car as a daily driver?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I would go for the 20 year old truck or the 10 year old economy car. I wouldn't even bring up talk about your immaculate baby of a car till you guys become exclusive. Just make sure you dress nicely and clean and enjoy the dates.
    You don't want them to get any impression except that you may be a potential partner to them. Which would be solely based on your looks and personality.

  • So impressed whhhhoa can you stop.. Can you just not with that thanks bye.