Am I an aweful person for valuing and respecting chaste girls more than promiscuous women?

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  • Whatever you wanna do.


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  • Respecting is awesome most of the time, take note.
    I am just not sure about the valuing part, I guess.

    How do you show that you value the chaste girls? I mean, valuing someone doesn't have to be in accordance to one's sexual activity status.

  • stupid*
    Fixed for you OP.

    • You calling me stupid says that I made you feel like shit with my post

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    • For me it's irrational to value someone just because of their "body count" status. You don't lose your morality if you choose to engage wisely* in some 15+ (I say 15 because that's the age of consent in my country) time.

      *By "wisely" I mean: you do it because you want to do it, not because you were peer pressured into it and take care of not catching any type of STD, getting killed, etc.

    • For you it is irrational to value morality. For me not

  • Are you chaste? I mean if your aren't keeping your penis in your pants then you shouldn't get mad when these women value chaste men more. which most chaste women are spiritual and want a man like them with their beleif.

    • I never get mad if any woman values male chastity. by the way i have had lots of hookup.

  • If you are quite chase yourself then no. If you're promiscous then you would be hypocritical.

    • I am promiscuous. But what is wrong with valuing and respecting

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    • So?

      It does change the fact that a chase girl would not settle for a man such as yourself, as they will deem to have a lack of morals.

      Also plenty of men manage to be chaste be choice. Don't make excuses for your own behaviour.

    • Speak for yourself not for chaste girls. And chaste man dont change biology. They force themselves to stay abstinent

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  • No, i'm the same way.

  • id say yesssssss

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