What's up with her?

I've been seeing her for a few months. Things were going really good with us. A few weeks ago we had agreed to see each other after not seeing each other for a few weeks (long distance). I own my own business and there was an issue at work so I had to cancel last minute so I short her a text saying sorry I ad to finish something with work and that I need to raincheck. She responds back hours later and said, "thanks for letting me know. don't worry about the raincheck". So I just don't respond. 2 days passed and she didn't say anything and she knew I was going out of the country my business partner's wedding for a week but still no word.

Anways when I got back she sent me a text apologizing for her message about forgetting the raincheck and for me to have a safe flight. I responded back but then she said nothing for days but I saw her using snapchat in between. So after 3 days she calls me at 1 am on Saturday but I was out and couldn't pick up.

Maybe it's just me and I'm tripping, but doesn't something seem up with her?


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  • Uh oh. You fucked up, haha. I totally understand work is important and time consuming, but I think she was expecting a formal apology. Sounds like she expected you to reply to the "don't worry about the raincheck" and by not responding just made it worse. I also think she apologized because she doesn't want to lose you and was worried about you not contacting. Finally, she probably called it talk. I'd suggest calling her ASAP apologizing about work stuff and talk out whatever is on her mind.

    • But then why not respond to my text to her when I got back saying no worries? She just didn't respond for days but she was using snapchat...

    • "No worries" isn't really isn't a conversation starter? and you still never apologized formally for something you had planned for weeks ahead of time?

    • I said more than that and we didn't plan weeks ahead of time. She told me last minute (Friday night) that she was going to be in my town and I told her that I was going to be busy with work that weekend but still wanted to see her so I was trying to find ways to still get my work done and see her but then this issue came up with work and I had to cancel. That's when I reached out and said I was sorry that I had to cancel but I had to finish up with work and I wanted to take a raincheck and she said don't worry about the raincheck.

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  • ya, doesn't sound exclusive on her end

    • why do you say that?

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    • Well she did send a text saying she was in my city and that she would love to see me, but I guess she still doesn't seem as invested huh?

    • not really... the way she behaves is how I behave when i'm talking to 3-5 women at the same time. ie not really serious about any of them