He sends flirty text messages to me but he has a girlfriend. Why do people do this?

I met this guys a few days ago, he has a gf, but he def tried to pt the moves on me the other night but for one I had just met him so I don't really know how I feel about him, and two, he's in a relationship.

but he texts me . . .literally all day. like if I don't respond he keeps on texting until I do. He says things to me that he should only be saying to his girlfriend, or he like tries to convince me to do things with him that would put me in a bad position, and when I remind him abt his girlfriend he just sort of ignores it and moves on with the convo.

idk. I just don't understand why people (I would say guys, but girls do it too) do this. . . can anyone fill me in?


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  • This seems like a lot of trouble. I'd say completely shove him off and tell him you're not interested and to leave you alone - mainly because of the girlfriend. If you are interested in him then it gets trickier... but do you really want to be with a guy who is already cheating with his girlfriend? Sounds to me like this guy just likes to have what he can't get. As soon as he's had you he'll move on...


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