Me & my boyfriend?

Lately my boyfriend has been demanding I come out on my days off & iv told him I would love to but im just to tired after 2 days working at first he was okay with it but now he thinks im avoiding him because I can't get out as much as I used to iv tried reasoning with him but he just dont like what im saying. And now he told me he fed up of me because I suffer with mild depression and iv told him I need Time and space rn but its like he don't care for me

Please anyone who could give me advice to help me through our reletionship. I just wana find out why he is being like this and im afraid I might lose him



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What Guys Said 2

  • Well, say bye bye.
    You've tried on your end. If he can't handle that, then it's not fair to the two of you to continue the relationship.

  • well, it sounds to me like you just can't really handle a relationship, at least right now you can't.


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  • You need to talk things through. I cannot give you proper advice since he doesn't even seem willing to listen to the things you have to say to him. The problem with communication nowadays is that no one seems to listen. Everyone just waits for their turn to talk. Have you tried to explain to him calmly your issue?