Am I just meant to be alone?

I've always wondered about that because my whole love life has been crap. I'm Always getting rejected despite being repeatedly told i'm a " good guy", "cool to be around", and " very kind". I don't think i'm a loser since I go to a 4 year university and work part time, but apparently I'm still not good enough for anybody which makes it strange. I've accepted the thought of being alone forever because there's literally nothing i can't do, but that.


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  • You are not meant to be alone. You are just making excuses to be because it's more comfortable to you.

    • What if I've tried repeatedly and nothing happens?

    • You try using a different method every time. You can try even by imitating those who succeed.

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  • Maybe that's your problem. You've accepted the thought of being alone forever. I've not had much luck with dating or girls (mainly because I've never asked a girl out) but I see this as a positive, because I gain new insight into dating and relationships and what not by observing people around me. So I think when I'm read for one and do have a relationship it will be a good one. Maybe not, but I think so. I certainly haven't accepted the thought of being alone forever, but certainly for the time being. Which is OK with me.

    Being kind is a good thing. But if you're only kind, that's no good. If there's something that interests you, try getting involved with that. Step outside of your comfort zone a bit. You've done a lot of the typical life things, now it's time to spice it up.