How do guys show appreciation?

My boyfriend has been sick. I have been doing everything for him. Laundry, going to his house to take care of his pets, and took his trash to the road on trash day among a lot of other things. His lawn needs mowing so I told him I would go and now it today for him. His reply was "cool and could you grab my cash and pay the rent for me?" He has been in the hospital a few days now but has been sick almost a week. Not one thank you has been said or any form of graditude. I'm not sure if I'm being over emotional about it because I am drained from the extra work load, but I'm feeling very unappreciated. Is this a normal guy thing or should he be sending some love my way?


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  • If he's in the hospital he's obviously feeling like shit. I wouldn't hold it against him. Ask him when he's feeling better, but he's obviously not doing well. I don't think to express gratitude when I'm sick, ahd he's obviously very sick.

    • I try telling myself that, but I tell him how tired and drained I am and he askes me to do more. I am on the verge of getting fed up, feeling kind of used. I'll let him get better and see if things change when he is better. Thank you!

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    • So I'm really trying hard to help him cuz I know he can't because he is in pain. I don't know guess I'm just tiers and emotional

    • I figured. People don't usually go to the hospital for a cold.

      Then again, it's not like he has severe food poisoning. He could still say thank you. I thought he had a really severe infection or something and was vomiting nonstop.

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  • You are not being over emotional about it. If I were in your position, I would feel the same way. He sounds sort of ungrateful and he takes you for granted.

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