Is it too soon?

i have been on 3 dates with this guy.. the 3rd date was actually hanging out with him and his friends (which was really fun, I think we all got along well)... he said to call him at the end of the date but I only texted him once to tell him Happy Easter and have a nice day at work... But I haven't seen him for more than a week now.. and I miss him ... I want to call him but then I don't want to seem needy or clingy... and why WON'T he text or call me if he likes me too?


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  • so you texted him 3 days ago and no reply... I wouldn't worry so much. its possible he wants to slow things down a bit so what you have doesn't burn out..

    be patient and slow down, youve put the ball in his court so relax and wait

    good Luck



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  • You were the one who said you would phone him and you didn't so maybe he's thinking why hasn't she phoned me. If I was you I would try and phone him and just explain.

    • I texted him "How are you?" 3 days ago.. and I haven't heard back from him...

    • Ok, well you could try and phone and see if he answers. It could be he has no money on his phone or he keeps meaning to but hasn't had the chance. If no luck then maybe there is something wrong, sorry. All the best