Girls, why won't my girlfriend post a pic of us on instagram?

We've been together for almost a year. We used to work together so for the first few months, we had to keep our romance a secret. She used to talk about how she wished she could post a pic of us on IG. Since we've gone "public" with our relationship, she hasn't posted any pics w/ me. Lots of pics of her friends & fam, but none of us. I rarely ever post any pics but I put up three of us almost instantly. She swears she loves me and is committed to me and when I asked why she hadn't posted any pics of us she said things like "idk I never thought about it" or "it's just instagram, who cares?", etc. The way I look at it, she's either cheating, wants to cheat, is ashamed of me, or just wants to come across as single. I've met her whole family, all of her friends. We've talked about long term goals, moving in, etc. Am I spot on or just being paranoid?


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  • With having to have to Had to Begin your own Beguine Slow at first, she is Continuing for Now Somehow... Not wanting to Explain you Both right now. She has her own Reasons. I don't think it is with Cheating. Perhaps just "Cheating" you right now with Posting the Picture Perfect Pair.
    She might Not be this Ready Betty to spill her Guts all over with Not Posting Pix of you Both. However, Her Heart is Telling me she Has been with you a Year here, dear, so give her Time.
    Rome was Surely not Built in a Day and neither was a Ripe ol Romance.
    Good luck and Keep Posting those Pix. xx

  • I think you need to look at her as an individual and not compared to what you or other girls do. I don't have any pictures of my boyfriend and I on instagram, but he doesn't either. Same goes for Facebook. I'm just not the sort of person who broadcasts my relationship. Am I in a happy and loving committed relationship? Yes. I love my boyfriend, I'm not embarrassed by him or looking to cheat, I just really don't care about Instagram.

    • Some people just don't care about social media. She does. She has pics of everybody whose important in her life... friends, fam, extended fam... but not her boyfriend.

    • I mean I have pictures of my family and pets and stuff. I just don't feel the need to broadcast my romantic life. She may be similar.

  • I've been with my boyfriend for almost five years and haven't posted a picture of the two of us on a social networking site. Not a big deal at all. My boyfriend and I aren't even friends on facebook, it doesn't mean anything.