Girls 18-24, is a guy being completely shaved bald on his head a turn off or can that guy be physically attractive? Would you date a guy with no hair?

I've shaved my head for a couple years, lost it to a condition and just worry as some said only girls who are past 30 date bald guys.
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  • A guy can still be very cute looking with no hair I'd date a bald guy who looked good
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  • No bald is a turn off to me so young
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Apparently some guys don't like other bald guys? Okay haha. That definitely won't keep me up at night.
As I said I have high standards myself and I get looks mattering I would never lower my standards so looks do matter I just hope a good number of attractive looking young women think a bald guy can look good.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Erm, depends on his face.
    Usually bald guys I find attractive have a very muscular body type

    ( not this extreme)

    • If less 'extreme' bald guys can look good then why not use a picture of one of them?

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    • Wait I remember you, you said I was attractive in a rate me like a year ago but you said the bald head threw you off. So which is it?

    • @Afrochick you never did answer my question if a skinny but in shape bald guy can be attractive.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Your probably fucked. A very small amount of guys can look good bald, the vast majority look better with hair.

    Assuming its male pattern baldness affecting you.. is it too late to get on finasteride and minoxidil?

    • No it's effluvium my entire scalp thinned and there's no treatment but I do pull it very well I'll link a pic.

    • Never mind I can't link it it says, but honesty I do really rock no hair, my face and bone structure work very well with it. I've been told that by plenty of people even aquantinces etc. the only things in my way are A: I'm very petite, 5'9 and 138lbs not out of shape in fact I'm a runner and I do lift but not as much as I run but I'm slender however no pencil neck. And B my skin is very white and it's the type that just doesn't take in sun and tan. However my face and eyes work wonders for me.

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  • Didn't you already ask this?

  • Oh god not you again...


What Guys Said 1

  • No bald is a turn off to me so young

    • Well you're a dude so yeah I'm not gay. At least a good percent of girls said it's not an issue.

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