Just met up with my EX boyfriend to get my belongings back, he huged me I'M SO CONFUSED now? He said stay in touch? Help?

My boyfriend of 7 years broke up with me over a text 2 months ago. We had a fight and he ended it. He was very harsh to me and very disrespectful to me when he ended it. He told me to 'fu*k off and hos life is amazing without me etc ' he wouldn't give Me any closure. So I went no contact on him. 3 weeks later on. I was very sad and down and missed him so I texted him and asked to see him and was there any hope for us I told him I loved him etc. He replied 'leave me alone and I want you out of life ' so I just said okay. Today he texted me and said hi. I texted back and asked for my belongings back. He said " I'f I see you I'll be hurt to see you again' so he said yeah come and I'll get them. So I got there he handed them to me and was really nice asking how I was, what was I doing etc. He talked for bit and I said I better go, he said I'll walk you home half way I'm. Going to my friends I said OK. He kept talking to me so I felt like he was trying to keep the conversation going. So I said thanks for the stuff he said come here gimmick a hug. We huged and he squeezed me. He said stay on touch. I said you too. And we walked different ways. Does this mean anythin? Am I reading to much into it? Does he feel bad for treating me horrible? Does he still love? I feel so odd now after seeing him. Any advice?


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  • Yeah, keep walking and don't look back. Just because he treated you nice for a few minutes doesn't undo all the shitty things he did to you.
    You are vulnerable right now and he knows it, so he's playing you like a fiddle. He's going to try hooking up for some sex later, even try to get back together on HIS terms after treating you like a princess, but it'll be worse than before.
    Trust me keep walking and don't look back.

    • When I was with him I was thinking back do how he treated me so horrible. I do still love him but your right of would be a fool
      Or maybe he genuinely just ment stay in touch as friends but I don't think I can do that.

    • outstanding advice👌

    • @WildButterfly what do you think? Was he just feeling guilty? And acted nice or do you think he does still love me? 😯I feel weird now seeing him again. Should I just disappear now from him?

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  • I think he's being nice right now for his own selfish reasons. Maybe he's trying to reel you in for a hookup. You are after all, pretty emotional & vulnerable right now. Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't sprint back to him just like that because he decides to not be an asshole today.