Anybody had any controlling boyfriends/girlfriend stories?

My boyfriend got overprotective and possessive
any stories from you guys?


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  • he tried to get me to dump all of my friends, name calling (slut, whore, etc) telling me where i could and couldnt go, that i needed to quit my job, how to dress, how to act, screaming at me, trying to get me to leave my family, telling me no one but him would ever be dumb enough to love me. he had me convinced for 2 years that it was love... he wasn't the only one but since it was all mental, he's the only one i really struggle with from time to time

  • Yes I was with this asshole who never wanted me outside because I was "too pretty" stayed in the house for 5 years. I'm single now and I'm so happy.

    • did you even go to school?

    • @chriss yes I went to school and work but I couldn't party and be a 19 year old on my 21 st bday he made me stay in the house.

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