Would your grandmother call you "babe"?

I have dated this guy for over five months and a month ago, as I was cleaning his room, I saw this letter inside his drawer. So I left a note on his table on top of this letter saying I wish him all the best. Following day, I got a series of text from him, cursing me, saying I should have asked and that the letter came from his grandmother. Initial reaction was I felt guilty that I didn't ask. But was this really from his grandmother? I want to ask your opinion because until now, over a month later, I still can't get over him. Could this letter possibly be from his grandmother? Would your grandmother call you


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  • Playing baseball? Might be a Babe Ruth reference.


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  • Doesn't sound grandmother-ish to me. :/

    • And look at those exclamation marks. Lol I don't think a nan would use a mini circle instead of a dot in writing an exclamation point.

    • Exactly. Lol. I just can't find it in myself to accept that I've been cheated and he even put the blame on me. At the back of my mind, I'm still hoping he would just text me and admit that it wasn't from his grandmother. That would make it easier for me to move on.

    • That's what players do. :/ I don't think he'd text you and come clean. And the fact that he texted you curse words should've made you block his number and forget him already. That was disrespectful of him. I was wondering if that was an old note from a girl he was dating in the past? In that case, it'd be forgivable IF he just said it straight. But he didn't. He lied instead saying it was from his grandma. Then that means there must be something fishy going on.

      Stop waiting for him. You'll only get upset if he ever doesn't. What matters is you know that he clearly was lying and was disrespectful to you.