People betrayed me... What can I do?

At 24 i ruined my life. I chose the wrong people as friends. People who are never there for me when i need them. I let people play with my head. i thought my sister was my bff but she just used me moved far away and then blocked me on fb. At this age i have no friends no family and no one to turn to because i didn't listen to myself. I let other people control me


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  • No one is ruining your life but yourself. Stop blaming other people and start doing something for yourself. I do not understand why people feel the need to victimize themselves. I understand the fact that you might have had difficult times in the past, but you should find the strength to move on.


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  • Awwe I'm sorry to hear that. This world is cruel dark place. But I got your back. Try to cheer up. You will find a good friend someday. Or maybe sooner than you thought.


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