Are we over?

so we've been together for almost 6 months and its consider to be a long distance

thing even though its only 45 min away. It use to be him going after me but then he stops and its me going after him. He said I need to "calm down" but its just because I want to know what's going on in his life because I love him so much. When he's around me now its just so awkward and its like he don't even want to touch me or even kiss me goodbye like he use to. Then I got upset because he was on his spring break but barely have anytime to spend with me and also of how he act when we're together. When I said we need to talk because he's acting really weird when he's with me, he said let just take a step back and not be in a relationship anymore and that I need to calm down and clear my head. I ask him " so we're allowed to see other people now?" he said " you're thinking way to far ahead" he said that it's more pleasant and enjoyable when we were just dating, so I don't know what is going on now. Like I'm clueless and lost, I don't know what to do or act toward him now especially prom is coming up for me and he was suppose to be my date. Please help to guide me because this is also the first time I've been in a relationship so it hurt so much and I'm pretty much LOST.

so this was on Wednesday when it the first text that I sent to him was on Sunday saying this " hi, I guess you were right about us taking a step back, I've clear my thoughts and my feelings and now my head is cleared. hope everything is going well for you. happy Easter to you and your family." then he text me back being all normal saying happy Easter to me with a smiley face and said hell stop by on Monday to pick up something. He stop by and I was really sick he didn't even show that he care much and doesn't even step into my door. And after that he never called or even text me...but we're still going to prom what's going on...are we over? like is he over me already..? should I call and talk to him about this..?


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  • He's losing feelings for you he doesn't care that much about you anymore he is letting you know. Even if you are going to the prom that won't fix anything I doubt he has a lot of feelings for you at this moment

    • Is there anyway he can have feelings for me again..? if he would just say ok..lets break up. then yeah..ill be over it. but this he told me lets just take a step back...because I need to calm down and cleared my head. so what should I do..?

    • You should talk to him and ask him if he wants you to take a step back or call it quits. If he continues to say step back tell him how you feel if you stay quiet he might not understand what you are thinking.

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  • i think you should let this one go. he seems to want something different than you, I guess he's just not feeling it enough, maybe you came on a bit strong. I would definitely start looking for another guy to date, and do your best not to talk or text him unless he says anythign to you. That way you can slowly pull away from him and not be so attached while still looking for someone else. This way, you'll either find someone better, or maybe he'll reaslize how awesome you are and what an ass he's being.

    As for prom, I know this sucks, but if it's still a ways away and you get no improvement, you might want to be the one to tell him first that you think you should go with someone else. I would find a good back up plan. You'll feel better for being the one to speak up and not go with him. There's always the possibility that he's leading you on, just so he isn't solo for prom night...

    • Hes 3 years older than me and prom is 2 weeks away...and he need to come and see my vice principle and stuff for paper I still have to call him to let him know what's going on...that's why I'm really confuse. and its just because I still have feelings for him like a alot.