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Hi I have been dating this guy for 4 months and there has been a progression in the relationship in the past few weeks. He is not the most communicative or open person and can be moody and emotionally distant so there are a lot of times when I am the only one carrying the conversation forward? Is that normal guys? Also he has days when he wants to be around me all the time and then days when he snaps at me for everything that I do and keeps mentioning the need for space. How do I deal with behavior like that?
However, I have noticed that he has gotten more physically comfortable with me in these past few weeks in terms of just cuddling and touching me, he does it all the time now and he also likes sleeping close to me now as opposed to earlier where he liked his space. I am taking that as a positive sign and hoping that it means that he feels more for me than he did a while back.
He still has not said he loves me and I think I am in love with him but am too scared to expose myself in such a way because I am very afraid of getting hurt.
Do you guys think this is the natural way that a relationship progresses and also we should give each other more time?


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  • Well I've realised that my girlfriend is subconsciously affected by my mindstate/mood and that I am by hers. So you might wanna look at yourself too... when I'm in a negative state of mind I basically focus on shifting to a higher vibrational plane, which always raises hers, within a few minutes. If you can, check out this video on vibrational frequencies:

    hope you find it relevant and helpful


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  • he's a. a man and b. obviously trying to deal with something going on for him personally. in my experience if a bloke is moody and distant its because something is making them cut off from you to deal with it. don't start bugging him though as you will just piss him off. try to be a bit more understanding and let him come to you. just say things like 'you know im here for you' or 'if you ever want to talk im here'

    • Thanks for that advice

    • no worries. its worked with every man I've ever met lol strange creatures

    • haha thats good then! I see that he is trying to change but all this makes me feel like he does not care for me you know?
      A huge part of being with someone in a serious relationship would be sharing problems and all so thats what is missing right now. I know he cares but the extent is very ambigious right now and that is why I do not wish to put myself out there!

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