Help , this guy I'm starting to talk to keep asking me to tell him where I live?

I don't want to get upset but he's starting to make me upset. He can't talk about something else instead of asking where I live. Also we just started to know each other what's his deal honestly its annoying and a turn off. I'm not even positive if I should tell him not my address I hope he doesn't mean that. Honestly any ideas of why guys want to know where a girl lives so bad unless your not interested in taking things further?


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  • You have every right to keep your housing privet from someone you hardly know. There are a lot of creeps out there and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. I'm not calling him a stalker, but this is boarderline stalking to insist you give up information, and when you don't they keep asking. The few girls I've met who wouldn't tell me where they lived, since i wanted to pick them up for a date, I had to respect. I simply informed then that we could meet where ever they wanted for the date and if they felt comfortable with me, they could have me pick them up eventually. To me it's not a good sign when someone is constantly asking you something, and refuses to accept your answer. If you like him, continue to be firm and learn more about him. If he's a creep you'll be happy you kept him away. But if he's a good guy, then he wouldn't have mind waiting for when you were ready.


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  • GET AWAY FROM HIM!! If you don't you could end up with him standing outside your house day and night. So I tell you again GET AWAY FROM HIM!!

    • I'm not going to tell him my address that's stupid. I even told him why do you wanna know for to stalk me? He said no but yeah its a turn off honestly

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    • The way you say it scares the hell out of me just knowing what his intentions might be.

    • And I hope you do.

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  • Stick to your gut feeling

    • But I want him to like me. Honestly why would you ask a girl where she lives?

    • You know what he wants.

    • No what? If he obky wants to use me for one thing he's looking in the wrong place he needs to go find a slut instead

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  • Just tell him that you aren't comfortable with saying it yet. I have seen quite a number of fucked up people. There's enough reason to be careful

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