So I just want to date a bad ass b----!! Is this bad?

So just getting out of my second failed marriage. And now I think I just want to date a bad ass girl. No jealousy, no possessiveness... Just a bad A-- that I can go to Vegas with and have a blast and other awesome trips with. Just have fun non stop... Is this wrong?


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  • It's not wrong, but it's slightly utopian :p As long as you consider marriage being equal only to Vegas and trips, there's a chance it won't be enough to hold for that many years.

    • Well I don't want to marry her... I just want to have fun!!! And I am very wild when I
      Am having fun, but have never dated that partner in crime type, my partners have always been that ( no no get down from there- no let's go home,) responsible type. Lol... I want that partner that's like hell yeah let's do this- let's go parasailing, race car track racing - let's party till the sun comes out then hop a flight to cabo and do some deep sea fishing... or am I just absurd?

    • No, it's all good, as long as you have the means to do all those things and don't do only those thing :p And it might be wearying for a lot of people, so you're going to have to dig through a bigger pile, I'm afraid...

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  • Marriage is shit!! Just fuck crazy bitches and live your life...

    • Yes sir!!! I think you are on to something here... Lol

    • Well thank-you Lol yeaa man I think now a days it's not worth it... Lol and I think I would get bored in a marriage especially when a kid will be born LOL I see it everywhere..! All sad people... nothing lasts forever!!!

      And yes not to mention the chance of being cheated on... I don't think I would be able to handle that lol

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  • your 33 and just got out of your 2nd marriage loll. I think its time to reflect sir

    • Elaborate please... What do you think my best course of action should be? ... I love your response by the way...

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    • I get it... I really do... And I understand how this may look to you... But look... I played
      By the rules my whole life... I married my high school sweet heart. Finished my degrees.. Settled down established myself financially and created a beautiful home for our daughter. Then the unforeseen occurred and I had no choice but to divorce after 13years. Now I married again and this time my wife decided To reject my daughter from my first marriage. I tried for two years to sway her feelings and bring reason into her mind and heart. But in the end she would not compromise so I chose my daughter. Now I'm left with no feelings or interest in falling in love. I merely want to enjoy life for a brief moment in a way I haven't before. Not forsaking my responsibilities in anyway, but just enjoying my life for once. I understand your perspective and I am not trying to change your opinion. Just giving you more insight as to mine... Thank you though for being the voice of reason. God bless

    • @1jaime1 - unforeseen occurred? What occurred?

  • Lmao... I can't even!😂

  • If you're not a bad ass, it's bad


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