How do I connect with women?

I have the hardest time connecting with women. I have been told I'm handsome by a lot of people all my life, and a decent nice good person. I know that this is not a key in connecting with women. What am I doing wrong? Most of my friends are married, engaged, or have girlfriends. Even out in public I see couples and I have this feeling of depression hit me. And then there is me on the side by myself. Any advice would help.


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  • You haven't given much information.
    Connecting with women is the same as connecting with friends but just add a little more mystery and flirting.
    Talk to her like a normal human being. Joke a little. Relate about things you have in common.

    If you have nothing interesting or something about yourself - a woman might not value you as a mate. It's really helpful to be skilled or have passions.

    Considering you are too busy looking at other couples and feeling sorry for yourself instead of focusing on improving your own circumstances.

    • So should I go up to women I don't know and just start talking to them? I always have this thought in the back if my head that they are like " what does he want?" So I just don't talk to any women all together which I know is a mistake. I guess I have this fear of just being rejected by women.

    • Well, be helpful to be doing something that would give you the opportunity to talk to them.
      But yes. You can go up to random women as long as you have the confidence and come across as genuine :)
      Worst thing that can happen, is that she isn't interested in talking to strangers but someone will be open to it

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  • be in touch with your emotions.


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  • you can connect your USB stick into their USB port.. thats one way

  • I know it might sound cliché, but love yourself first. Then you'll attract what you desire👍

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