Should I cancel my date with boyfriend?

My boyfriend is mad at me because we never get to hang out with each other. He is in the military and gone most of the time so it is hard for us to have an actual relationship and that pisses him off because all he wants to be able to do is be near me and know that I love him. He is only stationed where i live so nothing for him is permanent. He is back for 5 weeks and we have not been able to spend time with each other for 3 weeks and our relationship has been crashing. He told me to let him know when i have time to be with him and then he will make an effort to be with me. I am available the next two weekends sort of. I was going to let him know. I am available on next Saturday because it is my birthday and i want to spend as much time with him as I can (if he still here) I think he would be super excited about that. I just do not know how to tell him in a way that he does not think that I am lying to him or not going to keep it (we dont know each others birthday) I dont know how to tell him that i do not want to hang out Saturday and make it seem like i am blowing him off since we already have a date planned on Saturday. Advice?


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  • If you're afraid to tell him your schedule because he might not believe you, then that's probably a sign you should cut your losses