Is it okay to ask out a girl over text?

I don't get to talk to her in person anymore, but we're still good friends and I really like her. Can I ask her out over text?


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  • Yes, of course you can. It doesn't hurt to try.


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  • A phone call would be better

  • First things first I would strongly recommend not using any form of textual communication for important things. It's really easy to misinterpret because of the lack of facial expressions and emojis don't make up for it in the same way. Second of all, long distance relationships almost never work out if you didn't know the person in regular contact before. Will you be able to speak with this person in person regularly if they accept?

    So yah, summary: Use voice, video call even better (Like Google Duo) and be sure you can keep the relationship flowing.

    • Side note : I'm assuming you understand the 'freind risks'

    • Oh, I worded the question badly. I go to school with her. I just don't have any classes with her.

    • Oh, that's way better then. But yeah, I went through the text method and it didn't end well.

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