How do I know if it's catfish?

So I've been talking to this guy over 1 months and half , we wanted to meet me like a week after we started talking but I said no because it was too early he said the was fine we could always talk by msgs and calls, but then when he said that he couldn't call because it was going to my voice mail and then I try to call him it hangs up after few seconds he pics up... he said he doesn't have any laptop until September I don't if he's lying or telling the truth but we never got the change to video call or something... but then we have some intense conversations and sometimes I think nah it can't be catfish... so I don't know.
Please help me here...


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  • he has a phone with a cam, right? ask him to take a pic with a special pose or better... video call

    • I can't video call from my phone

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    • yeah I do.. yeah that's good idea thanks

    • Thanks for MHO :p

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  • Ask him to take a picture of himself holding a piece of paper that says your name

    • why?

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    • No wait I got it, that's actually a good idea

    • thanks

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  • oh use google images on google and use some pics he sent to our phone and drag it in the box and if he is a catfish, it will show other pages with his pic and if name is different. You just got Catfish. On your phone, download Image Search , upload pic on phone and it will show their too

    • but he's a part time model or he used to be

    • still upload those pics and see what you find