I look and dress like a Russian woman, and have traditional Russian values, and I speak Russian. Would a Russian man be interested in marrying me?

I feel ridiculous asking this, but I'm interested in some answers.
I speak Russian fluently, I dress like a traditional Russian woman (furs and shawls etc) and I have traditional Russian family values. I often get told I look Russian too, and that I am pretty.
Because of this, I am very attracted to Russian men because I want to live with someone who shares similar values which are no longer found in the west. I often get criticised by western feminists for this, of course, but in Russia I fit in better.

However on the internet all I see is huge amounts of criticism directed towards western women by Russian men; does this mean that generally they will stick to purely Russian women?


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  • Russian men are renown for not treating their women especially well (read: often very badly!). Not that Russia is the only place to have earned that reputation, but it's a VERY common complaint from Russian women, especially those who have lived or visited other places.

    Having said that, you seem to feel like this is the lifestyle you prefer, and in my opinion, that's fine. Just go in with your eyes fully open, and be wary of men who are abusive or just plain indifferent towards you after a few weeks. Take it SLOW, and have a plan in place to be able to come back home if need be (and do NOT give up that option to anyone - never give a guy/boyfriend your passport, for example).

    Keep in mind, too, that in other places in the world, people don't have the same rights as you probably do in general, and even less as a woman. That's important as well.


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  • What the hell lol do you come from a boring ethnicity or what? Why are you so obsessed with trying to be Russian?

    • I am not trying to be Russian, I just happen to appreciate their culture because it suits me better. Many Russians seem to prefer my culture over theirs.

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    • I think their language is beautiful, their traditional folk costume is beautiful, and that they have great values. They just happen to be Russian. Of course it's not by accident, I consciously like these things so I participate in them because it's what I love. I don't mind my own ethnicity.

    • In fact, there are many good things about my own culture that I still keep with me and am very proud of. So I think you have the wrong impression.

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  • Since you're more like them, I'm sure that Russian men will find you interesting.

  • All Russian women aren't the same ya know


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  • What is your origin? Because I think you should be proud of where you come from that is your ID :)