Where do you find promiscuous or " slutty" women?

I've been told and I consider myself good looking guy. But i still struggle finding women.

how does a girl act if she is interested in you? and how do you know if she just wants one thing or relationship? like an idiot I have wasted plenty of opportunities. at the bookstore when this beautifull girl who I think had been looking or staring at me for some time then we run into each other and she kind of smiled, i smiled back, then I just started reading a magazine. a few seconds later i looked around and she was looking at me and then she shily turned away. At the park, I run into a pretty girl which smiled, and less than 100 meters away I turned around to check her out, and she was doing the same thing to me. those are just two examples.
I have learned a bit from mistakes. but in this web site they talk quite a few about so called "sluts" where the hell are they? How does one find them and distinguish them?, so yea I am interested in girls whether its something quick or its a girlfriend. but in particular in women who would be into sex acts.


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