Any black girls who would date a Latino?

Any black girls down with the swirl?
Do we get heard?
Have you dated a Latino? Would you date a Latino? Do we even get heard?
Most of the girls I've dated are latina & white.. But where is the chocolate at?
Im down with the swirl but i just dont know what to say to them..
I often think they dont even want us.
Same with white girls.
The white girlfriends I've had were actually long time friends.. white girls seem to not want us either..
Maybe im just ugly?
Im 5/10 mestizo, could that be the reason lol?


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  • I love Latinos <3 <3
    Currently dating a Latino mexican like u


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  • you're not ugly, you're cute
    And Latinos is all i date

  • Im black & I love Latinos, waay cuter/sexier than blacks

    • You can't really say that because there is hot men in every race.. But. Im glad u like Latinos

    • Ooh baby u are soo cute papi

  • Wtf are you talking about? You're really attractive. I'm black and I'd definitely date a latino. Black guys and latinos are my preference.

    • I have black guy friends and they dont help me out

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    • Ill keep trying

    • Good luck with that

  • I am half black and white and I find latino men hot.


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